Sunday, March 23, 2014


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lest I forget, she is a DOG, a COONhound, a hunting dog!!  Last night as I was taking Audrey out before going to bed we had a surprise visitor!

The bird feeder is near the kitchen door and an innocent little Possum was dining on the spilled seeds.  Audrey was as usual, on her leash.  As soon as I opened the kitchen door she barked, bolted out the door and had a hold on the Possum before I even knew it was there or what it was!!  

I screamed and called Audrey's name.  By this time, Audrey already had a mouth full of possum and had given the guy a good shake.  He was lying in a very awkward position and completely still.  Ugh....  I managed to tightening Audrey's leash and get her away.  We walked further out into the yard for a few minutes - trying to get calm!  After about five minutes we walked back in the house and the poor creature is still in that strange position.

I tell my husband, "Audrey killed a possum; either that or, it is "playing possum".  To that my husband replied, "Well, I'm proud of her!"  Ugh...again!! 

I peek out the kitchen door and Mr. Possum is still there, the same spot, no change in position.  Oh my gosh, did she really kill the poor thing?

Audrey is very interested in the kitchen door in the hopes that I will take her out again.....NOT!!!

About 15 minutes pass.....inside the house Audrey is now calm....I open the kitchen door.............NO POSSUM!!!

So, the saying, "he was just playing Possum" was proven at my house!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Not A Good Week

March 18, 2014

Audrey has had a bad week.  She has felt terrible.  She had a treatment of Vincristine on Wednesday, March 5.  This Thursday, the 13th she started vomiting and had diarrhea. 

It all came on rather quickly.  She had a loose stool, but that has been common.  I had gone across town to show property and Audrey was at home with my husband.  He called and told me he had taken her out several times in a very short period.  He had an appointment and I could not get back home for at least two hours.

As expected when I got home, there was a mess to clean up.  It seemed like she hung her head in shame when I got home.  I felt so bad for her.  I hugged her and told her it was ok.

Saturday evening I was able to get her to take Pepto and again Sunday morning.  

Sunday and Monday she still has not felt well, but no diarrhea and only one episode of throwing up and it was very little.

Her anus and vagina must be burning - she is licking a lot and doing an unusual sit position.  I put Vaseline on her hoping to help any pain on the exterior and I got a cold, wet paper towel and held it on her ... it seemed to work a little bi† for her.  Today I have not noticed that she is so unsettled.

It is very difficult to watch her go through this.

She has an appointment on Thursday.