Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Audrey's Cancer Has Returned

Audrey's cancer has returned.  We are living on borrowed time.  

At Thanksgiving, 2014, I discovered a small lump in her neck. We had already decided that we would not go through the treatment process again.  By the time her Vet appointment on Dec. 30 the lump had grown significantly.  The Vet confirmed that the cancer was back and said she had two to eight weeks.  That was 13 weeks ago.  

Audrey is still with me.  She is slowing down but we do not feel that she is in any pain.  She loves to eat and loves to go in the truck.  Loves her walks but does not want to go very far.

I have been basically at home for this 13 week period.  I stay right here with her and my husband has been doing most all of the shopping and errand running.  I am trying to give her a very stress free environment and enjoying every single minute with her.

Audrey is such a sweet and loving dog.  Difficult time as I am sure you can imagine.  This one hurts!