Sunday, September 14, 2014

Audrey Still in Remission....

.... In June, 2014, Audrey finished her last treatment and as of today, is still in remission.  I will happily take every day given!  She is doing well.  I have an appointment in October to again check her progress.  Her August appointment was good.

... I failed at keeping up my blog.

.... The Real Estate business had a major pick-up in March that kept me very involved --- mostly finding a condo for my daughter and then helping to move her in --- then paint, repair, paint, repair, --- Audrey helped paint .... Oh my did she ever!!!

Audrey has always gone crazed when a water hose turns on .... I was painting my daughter's old place; that was the day the complex decided to POWER WASH the building --- I had an open bucket of paint plus a smaller container of paint on the floor.  SPLASH came the water on the windows -- Audrey sprang into action; I somehow managed to grab the mostly full paint bucket and get it out of her path, but the smaller container took a direct hit with her front feet!!

Paint went everywhere -- all over Audrey, all over the carpet, all over my shoes .... Then dog footprints made a complete circle through the living room and into the kitchen.  I finally caught Audrey right in front of the kitchen sink and started the process of washing her feet before she made more tracks across the carpet.

Then I had to clean up the carpet and the kitchen flooring and FINISH painting the walls .... daughter HAD to be out that evening...... I was one tired Mama by the end of the day!!  By the way, the power washing dude saw it all happen --- thankfully, he moved to the unit next door for a while!!

Audrey gets to go on a 10 day camping trip --- soon --- I will try to pick up with updates afterward.  Right now she is looking at me and whinning ---- "let's go to bed Mom" .... Good Night all.