Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Scare

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last Thursday after Audrey's treatment all seemed well.  At about 11:00 p.m. she threw up three times. I immediately called the Vet's Emergency Room to get advice.

They told me that the chemo would have already passed into her bloodstream.  They advised me to remove food and water and let her stomach "rest" and to observe her for any respiratory distress.

I removed the food, however, I did not feel good about removing water.  I allowed her to drink what she wanted then removed the water for a couple of hours and then put it back for her to choose if she wanted any.

After she had her water, she was ready for bed and didn't get back up until morning.  It was a long night for me - I went to bed with my contacts in so I could immediately see her if something was needed.  I also kept a light on and propped myself up in the bed so I could see her well.  She slept peacefully through the night and all was well the next day.

Reading about respiratory distress was disturbing; I thought it was possible to lose her that night.  I am 30+ miles from the ER....whew....

I have always said, to anyone that would listen, I think there is so much more to animals than most people realize.  When Audrey became sick to her stomach, she didn't hide or go to some other part of the house.  She came right over to me.  Dogs get a queer little smile on their face when they are about to throw up.  Panic was setting in with her; I could just tell.  I patted her and told her it was ok and to go ahead.  I simply cleaned it up and did all I could do to console her.  She got up on the couch and I could see she was drooling a bit.  I went over to get a tissue to wipe her mouth; my back was turned maybe 20 seconds.  In that time she threw up right on my electric, keep me warm throw!!  Of course I did NOT realize this until I came back and SAT IN IT!!  For once, I was glad it is winter and I had on LONG PANTS!

My Vet has not provided any information about the proper protocol in cleaning up vomit or feces when your animal is being treated with chemotherapy.  Here is something I read on-line:

"Because chemotherapy drugs are excreted in feces and urine, we advise clients to wear gloves when cleaning up after their pets for up to 48 h after drug administration and wash the area with diluted bleach. Presently there are no written guidelines that exist for the disposal of pet waste."

Based on that statement, GLOVES should be used!  As always, if the owner is pregnant, special precautions should be taken!!  

If this is a road you choose to travel with your pet, please research the proper way to handle feces,etc.  Even if your dog typically goes outside for potty breaks, there is always the possibility that due to the drugs, he or she may have an accident in the house that you will need to clean up.

Another Vet visit tomorrow.

On a side is my son's birthday!!!  Not a "fur" son....a real human boy! lol  Happy 26th birthday son, I love you very much and my oh my has the time flown by!