Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All Snowed In

February 13, 2014
Appointment Day for Audrey - Postponed
                                         Look What Happened:
Enough ice and snow to keep us at home, plus, cancel school for the second day in a row and create havoc. I wanted to reschedule on Friday, but The Vet wanted reschedules to be on Tuesday, the 18th.  All the documentation they send out strongly stresses to stay within one day of your regularly scheduled day of treatment.
Mixed feelings....not quite sure why they waited all the way until Tuesday, but at the same time, Audrey has not really felt well since the last treatment.  She threw up twice one day and once the next.  It wasn't until Sunday that I felt she had energy and a little vim and vigor.
Early morning before the wind started blowing and before the sun came out.
The snow was very wet and heavy and stuck to all the branches.

So, the snow was mostly gone on Friday and in fact, by Thursday evening we could easily get out ... and did so ... a dash for Mexican . . . and then on Friday to hit the grocery store...everybody and their brother and first, second and third cousins had the same idea.