Monday, January 6, 2014

A COLD night ahead....

...I am NOT looking forward to tonight!!  Audrey was out four times last night...tonight our temps are going to be around F I V E degrees!!  I've been sleeping in sweatpants so the trips outside aren't so bad, but tonight....I may have to sleep with my boots on too....or with a really L O N G extension cord attached to my electric blanket!!

Audrey didn't feel well yesterday - she did not seem to be in pain, just tired.  Hounds have really sad eyes, but when you know something is wrong, those sad eyes just about break your spirit.

She has felt well today - it was so cold that I threw some old bread out in the back yard for the crows---OH MY GOSH, Audrey could not stand it....every time we went out, she tried to make her way to the bread.  She has ME SO TRAINED.  She would beg to go out...not needing to potty....just wanted to check if the bread was still there and if she could side track me down that way.  Finally, I gave up...I went outside and threw it out in the woods so she could not see it from inside the house!!

I've tried a new method to deal with the unsettled time she has between 6 pm and 10 pm-----I read more about the types of food that are good for her to eat while receiving chemo.  I steamed chicken liver and pureed it and froze serving size portions...also boiled a few eggs and chopped them (with the shell) and froze serving size portions...bought some Greek yogurt with blueberries and some cottage cheese; around 5:30 or 6:00 ish I have been serving her some of those items, plus throughout the day I have been giving her snacks of these items.  The last three days it seems to have helped.  

The U.S. is in a "deep freeze" coldest temps in decades; for those people that are in areas of extreme cold, I hope you stay safe and if you use a portable heater, be extra careful!  I saw a funny joke today about snow.... a sign in the yard trying to sell "unassembled" snowmen!! lol