Thursday, January 23, 2014

Audrey is in REMISSION!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Vet did an ultrasound today and determined that Audrey is in REMISSION!

Such great news!

She will continue with her chemo as prescribed - ending the first part of June.  

While this is wonderful news and we are so is NOT A CURE.  This will simply buy us time and we will love and appreciate each day we are given.

According to all I've read and the Vet stated on our very first visit - the typical remission time is one year before a relapse.

Audrey is such a good dog.  Extremely loving.  My husband expressed it well the other day.  He said that our previous dog was a great dog too and she loved us, but Audrey physically loves us back.  She loves for you to hug her and she leans into you and seeks you out for that kind of physical touch.  When she's in the car with me, she looks over at me and leans into my touch and she has this special look when she really wants me to reach over and pat her.  She especially does this on the way home from the Vet.  I can't help but interpret it as her wanting reassurance that all is ok.  She really responds when you tell her she is a good girl.

When she was about a year old we were driving by a small airport and I had the sunroof open; a low flying airplane flew right over our car!! Oh my gosh, she went into panic mode and jumped into my lap while I was driving!  Laughing, driving and trying to get her calm and back on her seat...we made it!

She gets up in my lap at the Vet too!  In the waiting room they have these wooden couches, she gets up beside me most of the time, but then climbs in my lap.  She looks like one of those FaceBook jokes where this giant dog is in a woman's lap and the caption says something like..."She likes it, she says I'm her baby!"

Good news today....GREAT news today. 

I was so excited to post our good news that I forgot to talk about the actual doctor visit.

In addition to the Ultra Sound today, they administered Vincristine via IV in Audrey's right front leg.  We are to monitor for swelling, redness, lack of use, excessive licking and/or limping. Also watch for decreased appetite, lethargy, etc.

Next visit in one week.

Cost of today's visit:  $340.75