Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Audrey's First Chemotherapy Treatment

December 19, 2013

The first chemotherapy visit.  Chemotherapy, Chemotherapy...I hate this word...I hate this word.

Audrey was given Vincristine IV in her right front leg.  After this treatment, you are to monitor the leg for swelling, redness, lack of use, excessive licking, or limping.  None of these happened.

We were to also watch for decreased appetite, lethargy, etc. and if you felt she was not well, take her temperature rectally -- contact theVet if temperature is over 103.5.  Normal dog temp is around 101.

NOTE;  Before starting this type of therapy....PURCHASE A THERMOMETER THAT YOU USE ONLY FOR YOUR DOG....

Decreased appetite---NOPE, lethargy - some but not a lot.  Never felt she had a fever.  The only usual thing we noticed was that she really did not want to be outside; potty break and then right back in the house.  Really did not want to take a walk which is very unusual for her.  My son has just earned his Pharmacist license and he said that in humans a side-effect of Vincristine is a lack of feeling in your feet.  Perhaps this could be an animal side effect as well....only speculation on my part.

I met with the Vet after this treatment.  I asked him how common it was for dogs to die during chemo treatments.  He seemed taken aback.  Took him a couple of seconds to recompose.  He said he only has a couple per year, if that....  When humans have cancer, often times they completely revamp and amp up their diet as another line of defense.  I had read on-line about a dog food that had reported success in this area.  I asked the Vet about this....he was familiar with the study I had read about.  According to the Vet, this particular study was not as accurate as the reported results indicate.  Evidently, there may have been some falsification of the test results and the author of the results was dismissed from employment with the lab.  There is a nutritionist that I can consult with and have a diet specifically made for Audrey.  Another thing to investigate.

Cost of this Visit: $178.45