Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Audrey's Second Chemotherapy Treatment - Different Drug

December 26, 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas and I posted some pictures of Audrey on Christmas Day.  She participated fully in all the fun; especially the FOOD!!  She still is ravenous and extremely thirsty.  I fail miserably when it comes to her "asking" for, fail, fail!!!  The Prednisone is still making her thirsty and I again feel like I have a newborn in the house....three and four times a night I reluctantly climb out of my warm bed, put on socks, shoes and a coat and head outdoors in a sleepy stupor!  I do love my baby and will do all I can for her.

The day after Christmas we take off for a 10:45 appointment.  Audrey was given Cytoxan and Lasix orally.  Cytoxan is eliminated in the urine and can be irritating to the bladder lining.  We are to watch for blood in the urine, straining to urinate, frequent posturing, excessive genital licking or constipation and always watch for lethargy and check her temp.

So far none of the above symptoms have been observed....still drinking like crazy and peeing, peeing, peeing...constipation....the opposite....


One night I got up SEVEN times with her!!

After this visit we are to reduce the Prednisone to 1.5 tablets instead of two; I'm hoping for less thirst and peeing, but I believe the Lasix also increases urine production.

Next appointment is scheduled for January 2, 2014.  If all goes as scheduled, Audrey's last appointment will be June 5, 2014.

Cost of this visit:  $197.95