Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WHY....would you name a dog AUDREY?

My entire family is dog crazy....we simply love our dogs, they are part of the family.  If you were to listen in on a conversation, you would learn that we ask about each other's dogs just like we ask about our kids, aunts, uncles, cousins....we talk about memories from past pets we've had!!!

Rebones have been a part of my Grandparents always had Redbones.  When my Grandmother passed away in 2006 at age 95, I decided that when I got my Redbone Coonhound, I was going to name her Audrey....after my Grandmother.  My Grandmother was one of the sweetest people ever...I loved being one of her grandchildren and everyone only has positive things to say about her.  My little Audrey is one sweet dog; she is loving and completely devoted, much like her namesake.

To add to the naming cousin has a bloodhound named guessed it, Clarence was our Grandpa's name!!  Grandpa loved his dogs....and cats!  One of my other cousins has a Bassett Hound named Harold.....Harold has the LONGEST ears ever.....just so happens, my cousin's Grandpa on the other side of his family had really BIG ears....!!! lol And yes, his name was Harold!!  One sweet man though....he was a very, very kind man.  I guess we are a bit warped.  I love calling my dog "Audrey"---it conjures up a whole life of beautiful, wonderful memories, however, there are some things I never thought of "Audrey, don't pee on the floor!"

Just before Christmas we learned that Harold also has cancer.  They thought it was an abscessed tooth.  When they took him to the Vet, they learned differently.  Harold is about 13.