Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Chemo Visit

January 30, 2014

We had an 11:30 a.m. Vet visit this morning.  I wasn't sure we were going to make it...we live in the SOUTH....we don't do snow....we certainly don't do ice and if you have seen any of the national news this week....well, suffice to say, it was NOT PRETTY.

Anyway...we made husband drove Audrey and I in his four-wheel drive truck.  The sun was out and some melting was beginning and road crews have had time to get to the major roadways.  Slow-going on the minor roads, but once we got on the bigger roads, not much to worry about.  

I really did not want to miss the Vet visit - I want to stay on the prescribed schedule and not waiver.

Today's visit was the one in the set of visits that is the quickest ... Audrey was given Cytoxan and Lasix orally.  Cytoxan is eliminated in the urine and can be irritating to the bladder lining.  We need to watch for blood in the urine, straining to urinate, frequent posturing (in the position to urinate, but NOT), excessive genital licking, decreased appetite, lethargy and constipation.

So far, in all these treatments, we have not observed many side effects. One of the things that has been happening to her involves her eyes. Her eyes are very runny.  It makes me think of my Mom. She had Chemo treatments in 1981 and she complained about her eyes and her vision was affected.  I can still see her batting her eyes trying to get her eyes to focus.  LOTS of years ago, she was only 46 - Leukemia - a battle lost.  I HATE CANCER.  

Audrey took her last Prednisone tablet yesterday!! Thank goodness.  This is the med that drastically increased her thirst and need to urinate.  

She still gets me up at night for a potty visit - usually once or twice.  It appears to me that the Vincristine also increases her thirst.  It also gives her "lethal to the human nose" gas!!  Oh MY! 

The technician that brought Audrey back to us after her treatment told us that she is always a really good girl.  She said she just lets them draw her blood, take her temp., etc.  She even willingly goes inside the cage...that part surprised me...she has hated to be crated from day one; LONG ago I gave up on that!  It makes things easier when you feel like the staff likes your dog.

In the Vet office today I saw the largest Ridgeback that I've ever seen; she looked like a mini-horse.  Boy, was she ever a beauty and very loving.  Only three years old.  I did not ask why she was there, but it can't be good; this practice is all specialists and some very sick babes come through the doors. 

Sitting right beside me today was a 12 year old Beagle and he looked everyday of his 12 years. Very thin and gray and the poor baby was shaking constantly.  The owner was too busy texting to pay any attention to the dog.  The dog sat right beside me and wanted to be touched, which I very willingly complied.  I just patted and rubbed the little thing and talked to him and told him what a pretty boy he was and that he was ok.  When the Tech came, she looked right at me and said, "Is this Cash?" ---- The owner was holding the leash and she finally put the phone down and responded.  Evidently, they were there to be admitted to the Emergency Room portion of the practice.  

Cost of today's visit:     $207.82