Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Altering Our Lifestyle for Audrey

Altering our life to accommodate Audrey - She's a little pee-pot right now; we cannot leave her more than 2.5 - 3 hours at a time.  She's always been an indoor dog and we do not have a fence - she has to go in and out on a leash.  If she isn't on a leash, that Coonhound nose hits the ground, she catches a scent and off she goes.  

We had an engagement party to attend across town - just over an hour away - over an hour to get there and another hour or so to get back....all our time is up - no time to visit.  We took the RV !  In October I bought my first ever motorhome - used - 24 foot, "C" Class - still learning all the ins and outs....that's for another blog!!!  We loaded Audrey up, drove across town on a cold, pouring down rain evening - gave her a potty break when we got there; then she had a nice warm spacious area and her own doggie bed.  We came out and checked on her and gave her another potty break; stayed as long as we wanted and then made our way home.  Worked out beautifully.

Did the same thing a day later when it was our daughter's birthday.  We met at a restaurant, gave Audrey the potty breaks she needed and when it came time for cake and presents, we celebrated inside the motorhome!  

A not so easy fix - my husband loves to bowl and he bowls in the National Bowling Tournament every year. It is regularly held in Reno, NV and we love the area. We had plans to vacation in some of our favorite California spots after the tournament.  This year, husband will go solo and I'll stay home with Audrey.  She will be in the middle of treatments and we do not want to board her during this time.  She will be on a weekly treatment schedule - with a week break every 5th week.... just a bit too risky to take off on a 2,400 miles trip plus the dates he needs to be there are Spring dates and the weather in the Reno area that time of year is very erratic. 

I'm sure there will be lots of challenges to overcome along the way and we will do our best to win each one!